Creating and Using a Credly Account

Credly is a third-party tool that can be used to create, issue, manage, and earn digital credentials.

Creating a Credly Account

  1. Open a browser and go to
  2. Click on Sign In.
  3. Click Create a New Account.
  4. Fill in the required information and click Create Account.
  5. If you wish to use Credly to create and issue badges, click Issuer. If you wish to use Credly to earn badges, click Earner.
    credly accounts can be created as issuer or earner
  6. Click Get Started.
  7. You will be brought to your Credly profile page, where you can view and edit your information and start earning or issuing badges.

Share a Credly Badge

You are able to share the badges you earn in Credly with other social media platforms, such as Linkedin. 

  1. After logging into your Credly account, click on Earned to view the badges you've earned.
  2. Hover over the badge you want to share and click Manage.
  3. Review the badge information, if needed.
    Credly badge information
  4. Click on Share.
    share icon
  5. Select where to share your badge, then click Save.
    Credly share badge
  6. You badge will be posted on the social media platform you selected.


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