Publishing Adobe Captivate Files and Importing to Blackboard

Adobe Captivate projects must be "published" in order to be used with other applications such as Blackboard.  Following are instructions for publishing Captivate files and importing them into Blackboard.  These cover general settings for most projects. 

For best compatibility with different display devices, Captivate files should be created as Responsive Projects.  For accessibility, elements in your slides should be added in the order they will be read as screen readers will read them in that sequence.  

Instructions for publishing a project:

1. With your Adobe Captivate file open, select File > Publish Settings.

2.  Select enable Accessibility

3. Go to Quiz > Reporting, and at the top of the window, select Enable reporting for this project.  In this same window under the Standards dropdown, select SCORM 2004.

4. Publish the file by selecting File > Publish.  Make sure you have the Zip files box checked.  Select a convenient folder location.  Click on publish.

Instructions for importing the project into Blackboard:

1. In your Blackboard course, open your course content area. 

2. Click on Build Content, and select Content Package (SCORM), browse and select your .zip file, press Submit.

3. Adjust the Availabilty and Grading settings as needed.  Press Submit.


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