I'm not seeing all of my messages in Outlook. Where did they go?

If you aren't seeing all of your messages in Outlook, this could be related to two new Office 365 features that are enabled in Outlook by default: Clutter and the Focused Inbox. Both of these features are designed to automatically filter out "low priority" emails so only "important" emails appear in your Inbox.The problem is, some of the emails you consider important might end up being filtered into one of these areas.

Option 1: Periodically check your Clutter folder and Other tab

If you like using Clutter and the Focused Inbox, and you'd prefer to leave these features on, just make sure that you periodically look over the items in these areas so that you don't miss any important emails. You'll find your Clutter folder in the left navigation pane underneath your Inbox folder:


If you have Focused Inbox enabled, you'll see two tabs at the top of your Inbox folder: Focused and Other. Click Other to see the "low priority" emails that are being filtered.

Focused Inbox

Option 2: Turn off Clutter and Focused Inbox

If you find Clutter and the Focused Inbox annoying, you might want to consider turning these features off completely. Follow one of the links below.







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