Self-Enroll in a Blackboard Organization

Certain organizations in Blackboard allow Buffalo State users to self-enroll. Faculty, students, and staff can self-enroll following these directions:

  1. Go to Blackboard:
  2. Click Login and enter your network username and password.
    Student, Faculty, & Staff Login in header. Links for Change Text Size and High Contrast. Button labeled Login.
  3. Click the Community tab in the top banner.
    Labeled Community.
  4. Search for the organization in the Search module.
    Labeled Organization Search with a textbox below it and Go command button to the right of that.
  5. Under Organization ID, click the down arrow that appears after the organization name.
    Labeled Organization ID with Name of Organization below. Down chevron with popup menu labeled Enroll.
  6. Click Enroll, then click Submit.
  7. The organization will appear under My Organizations and within the Community tab in Blackboard..
    ​​​​​​​Labeled My Organizations. Below is Organization where you are: Participant. Below that is Name of Organization.


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