View Your Students in the Bengal Success Portal

In the Bengal Success Portal, you are able to see students that you have a connection with. These connections are coming from information entered in Banner. In the Students section, you are able to find information about your students, raise a tracking item (flag, kudos, referral), and communicate with a student or group of students.

The video below describes how to filter your list of students, and how to add advanced filters.

  1. Login to the Bengal Success Portal.
  2. Click on the menu.
    starfish menu
  3. Click on Students.
  4. Click on My Students.
  5. In the Search bar, you are able to enter a student's name to search for them.
    search bar in the My Students tab in the Bengal Success Portal
  6. Under Connection, you can filter your view of students by the connection that you have with them.
    connection dropdown showing different connections you might have with a student
  7. Under Term, you are able to filter by the term.
    term dropdown showing a list of semesters
  8. To view a student's profile, click on their name.
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