Clear a Flag

When a student concern has been resolved, advisers should clear the Bengal Success Portal flag that was raised for the student.

  1. Login to the Bengal Success Portal.
  2. Click on the menu.
    bengal success portal menu
  3. Click on Students.
  4. Click on the Tracking tab.
    tracking tab
  5. A list of all active tracking items for your students will appear. You can filter by various criteria, such as term, if needed.
  6. When you have identified which flag you want to clear for a student, check the box next to the student’s name and click Resolve. You can check multiple boxes and clear multiple flags at once, if needed. Alternatively, you can hover over any of the Flag icons - a menu will appear and you can clear the flag.
    clear flag
  7. You may be prompted to select a reason for clearing the flag and to enter a comment about why you are clearing the flag. A comment is beneficial for your recording keeping and for other instructors and advisers who have access to student flags. If available, check the box next to “Send a message to close the loop”, and type the message in the text box below. This lets the original flag-raiser know that the concern has been resolved.
    close the loop message to original flag raiser
  8. Click Submit. The flag is now cleared and will no longer appear as an active tracking item to you, the student, or any other service providers who work with the student.
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