Student Progress Report

Flags, kudos, and referrals can also be raised by submitting a Student Progress Report. Student Progress Reports will be sent at specific times during each term. You will receive an email reminder when there is a new survey for you to complete.  Instructors will receive a separate survey for each course, reflecting the course’s roster.

notification of progress survey in the Bengal Success Portalprogress survey with checkboxes to raise flags and kudos for a class roster

  1. Select the link to a progress survey from your Bengal Success Portal home screen or go to the Progress Surveys tab (only visible when you have active surveys. The selected survey opens, listing your student roster for the course, and specific flags and kudos for you to consider.
  2. Check the boxes to raise flags and kudos for students in your course.
  3. Click the Submit button only when you are finished providing feedback. The items you selected will be raised on your students when you submit the survey. Once you have submitted the survey you will not have an opportunity to edit.
  4. The Bengal Success Portal will raise the flags and kudos you selected.

You may be asked to submit more than one course survey if more than one of your courses has been included in the survey plan for your institution. They will be listed in the drop-down menu on the Progress Surveys tab.




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