Within the Notifications tab, you are able to specify Appointment Notifications, connect your Exchange Calendar with the Bengal Success Portal, specify settings to receive Summary Emails, and set Tracking Notification rules.

After logging into the Bengal Success Portal, click on the menu, click on your name and select Notifications.

Email Notifications

Under Email Notifications, you are able to choose how you receive notifications from the Bengal Success Portal. You can choose to have notifications sent to your Institution Email and/or another email or phone number that you provided.

email notification settings


Summary Emails

Using the radio buttons, you are able to specify if and when you would like a summary email of all tracking item and appointment activity.

summary emails


Customize your planning and alert reminders for appointments in the Bengal Success Portal.

appointment settings in bengal success

Tracking Items

  1. Click the box next to each item if you would like an email sent to you immediately when:
    1. New item raised
    2. Item is cleared
    3. Item assigned to me

 You may be notified of tracking items raised for the rules listed under Flag Rules. Note that for rules with emergency notifications, your personal notification preferences will be overridden and you will always be notified immediately when a tracking item is raised for that rule.

  When you are finished making any changes, click Submit at the bottom or top of the page.

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