Creating and Sharing a Video Dropbox (for Student Submission of Media Files) in Ensemble

Creating a Dropbox

To access the Dropbox tool log in to Ensemble:

  1. Click Administration>Library in the navigation pane, and select Dropbox.
  2. Click the +Add button to create one.

The Dropbox menu will open with several fields to configure your Dropbox:

  • Name: The name of the Dropbox, this is a required field.
  • Url: The shareable web address for the Dropbox, this is a required field. For example, if you enter YourNewDropbox into the Url field, the link to share would be
  • Description: The description (or directions for the Dropbox) of the Dropbox. This option can be displayed to the submitter prior to uploading their content.
  • Dropbox Tracking: Allows you to select a user tracking method that will track the identity of the Dropbox submission. User registration allows a submitter to enter their name and email address and should be used in most cases when students are submitting videos. Ensemble Account requires the submitter to enter their Ensemble username and password. Lastly, you can leverage an Identity provider such as LDAP, Active Directory, CAS, SAML 2.0 or Shibboleth. 
  • Media Workflow: Select how the uploaded content will be transcoded and processed. Typically, you will want to use the default option. For audio files, use an audio-only Media Workflow. Video files can use the default "Streaming (Transcoded)" or "Standard" workflow.
  • Public: This setting allows you to show or hide your dropbox on the Ensemble Video dropbox directory located at
  • Enabled: This setting allows you to enable or disable the dropbox. When disabled, submitters will not be able to access or submit content to the Dropbox. 
  • Show Description: Determine if a Description field is displayed to the submitter when uploading content to the Dropbox.
  • Show Keywords: Determine if a Keywords field is displayed to the submitter when uploading content to the Dropbox.
  • Display Submissions in the Media Library: When checked, this setting allows you to show Dropbox submissions in the Media Library. If unchecked, the submissions will be accessed in the Dropbox Submissions area.
  • Send Email Notification to Submitter (5.4+): This feature is currently disabled.
  • Max Submissions Per User: This setting determines the maximum number of submissions per Dropbox submitter.
  • Schedule Availability: Using the Scheduling form, you can designate a Display After and Display Until date & time. Either or both of these controls may be used, and they will affect the Dropbox publishing options. 

Click the Save button when you are done. Your new Dropbox will now appear in the Dropbox list.

Sharing your Ensemble Video Dropbox link

Once you've created a Dropbox using the steps outlined above, you're ready to share the URL so videos can be submitted. Right click on the URL for your dropbox in Ensemble to copy it, or within Blackboard Learn, you may also add a direct link to your existing dropboxes.


Add a Video Dropbox Video Assignment to Blackboard

Login to your Blackboard course and go to the Content Item area, the click on Ensemble Video Chooser in the Mashups area.


Choose Video Dropbox

Click the (1) Choose Dropbox tab and then select the Video Dropbox you would like to use by clicking the (2) Choose button.


Then click the Save button to add the Gradebook integrated Video Dropbox.


Video Dropbox Assignment Added

Faculty and students will see the Ensemble Video Dropbox (Graded Video Assignment) in Blackboard. 



You may want to share the Directions for Student Submissions to Ensemble Dropbox article with your classes.

See Dropbox (5.3+) for more details.


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