Test Availability Exceptions in Blackboard

Test options can be modified to reflect accommodations needed for specific students. These options can be used to:

  • Allow single, multiple, or unlimited attempts to specific students or groups of students
  • Allow extended time on tests
  • Provide different test availability dates

Test Availability Exceptions

  1. In your Blackboard course, locate the test in the content area where it is deployed.
  2. Click on the dropdown arrow next to the test name and select Edit the Test Options.
  3. Scroll to Test Availability Exceptions.
  4. Click Add User or Group. The Add User or Group page will display.
  5. Search for a specific user, or locate your user in the student list.
  6. Select the desired User(s) or Group
  7. Click Submit.


Allow Multiple Attempts

  1. Under the Attempts column, click the dropdown menu to choose between Single AttemptMultiple Attempts, or Unlimited Attempts.
  2. If Multiple Attempts is selected, enter the number of attempts.
    multiple attempts for test in blackboard


Allow Extended Time

  1. Under the Timer column, check the box and enter the amount of time (in minutes) that you would like to allow for this student or group.
    timer options for a blackboard test


Add Different Test Availability Dates

  1. Under the Availability column, select the dates you would like the test to be available for the specific student or group.
    test dates


Additional Test Options

Additional test and survey options are available to instructors. Learn more about test and survey options.


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