Blackboard Test Results and Feedback to Students

Instructors determine which test results and feedback options are available to students after they complete a test. By default, only the score earned for each question is displayed after a submission.

Show Test Results and Feedback to Students

Instructors can specify test feedback options when deploying the test in Blackboard. If the test has already been deployed in a content area in Blackboard, instructors can edit test options.

  1. Locate the test in the content area in your Blackboard course.
  2. Click the dropwdown arrow next to the test name and select Edit the Test Options.
    edit the test options
  3. Scroll to the Show Test Results and Feedback to Students section.
  4. Under When, choose when to show test results to students:
    when option menu
    • After Submission: Students can view the results after they submit the test.
    • One-time View: After submission, students can view the selected feedback options once.
    • On Specific Date: Students can view feedback on a selected date.
    • After Due Date: Due date needs to be specified on the test options.
    • After Availability and End Dates: Specify availabilty and end dates in test settings.
    • After Attempts are Graded: All attempts need to be graded or a score recorded for all students (a score of "0" needs to be assigned to students that have not submitted the test).
  5. Under Score per Question, choose whether or not to show the score on each question to students.
  6. Under Answers, choose to whether or not to show all possible answers, correct, and/or submitted answers to students.
    • All Answers: Show all answer options
    • Correct: Show the correct answers
    • Submitted: Show all of the student's submitted answers
  7. Under Feedback, choose whether or not to show instructor feedback to students.
  8. Under Show Incorrect Questions, choose whether or not to mark the questions that were answered incorrectly.

Using Multiple Rules

You may include a combination of rules. For example, rule one could specify "After Submission" and uncheck "Score per Question". This would allow students to view only their overall grade. Unchecking all of the options is the most restrictive.
Review Test Submission with score per question unchecked. Attempt Score displays 0 out of 30 points.


Rule two could specify "After Due Date" or "On a Specific Date" or "After Attempts" are graded and "Score per Question | All Answers | Correct | Submitted | Feedback". Selecting all of the options is the least restrictive and allows students to view the most amount of test results and feedback.
Review Test Submission with all settings options selected. Displays all of the feedback including score, points on each question, the correct and incorrect answer choices.


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