Allow Students Additional Attempts in Blackboard

If a student has submitted the maximum number of attempts for an assignment or test, an instructor can allow an additional attempt.

  1. Access the Blackboard course.
  2. Click on Grade Center and select Full Grade Center.
  3. Click on the drop down arrow next to the student's submission.
  4. Select View Grade Details.
  5. Click Ignore Attempt or Allow Additional Attempt.

Allow Additional Attempt only appears if a student has already submitted the maximum number of attempts allowed for that assignment. You can continue to offer opportunities to resubmit attempts each time a student reaches the maximum number. You don't have to grade previous attempts to allow a student to submit again.

Alternatively, select Ignore Attempt to ignore the attempt's score in grade calculations and not count it against the maximum number of attempts.

Grades Details page with options Grade Attempt, Clear Attempt, Ignore Attempt, Edit Grade. Just below and to the left is Allow Additional Attempt option.

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