Copying a Course in Blackboard

Instructors can copy course materials from one course to another. After the course copy your content will merge with the blank course template, and a few items (announcements and discussions links) will blend together.

  1. Navigate to the old course with the content that you want to copy from.
  2. In the Control Panel, click Packages and Utilities.
  3. Select Course Copy.
     Course Copy
  4. On the Copy Course page:
    1. Select Copy Type - The option for Copy Course Materials into an Existing Course should already be selected. This will copy content from the course you are currently working in into a new course that will be selected in the next step.
      Select Copy Type
    2. Select Copy Options - To select the course which course the content will be copied to, click Browse next to Destination Course ID.
      Destination Course ID
      1. A list of courses you are assigned to as an instructor will be displayed in a new window. Select the new course to copy into (only one course can be selected at a time). Make sure you are selecting the correct course in the new term!
    3. Select Course Materials - Click Select All.
      1. Under Discussion Board, we recommend changing the option underneath to “Include only the forums, with no started posts.” This will bring over the forums but will not include any past student posts. If you use forums and as the instructor provide the starter posts (students can only reply), keep the option to “Include starter posts for each thread in each forum (anonymized).”
    4. Click Submit.

Navigate to the new course. A banner across the top will indicate the process status. The status message will change from Waiting to Running and then Complete. When it changes to Complete, click on a menu item or the browser’s refresh button to view the new content. Review the course for content, discussions, grade center, etc. to verify a successful course copy. Make any necessary adjustments to dates, wording of items, or to the setup of the course in preparation for the new semester.

The new course will automatically be enrolled with the new students for the semester by the campus Banner system.

Note: DO NOT select the option to "Include Enrollments in the Copy!"


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