What is a Smart Cart and how can I reserve one?

A “Smart Cart” is a movable system for presentations that includes a projector, computer, and speakers installed on a cart. It is a perfect solution for instances where you’d like to simply wheel in a cart and present!

To reserve a Smart Cart for an event, contact Classroom Equipment Loan via the web form.

To reserve a Smart Cart on a recurring basis for your academic (Banner-listed) class, please send a message here.


The majority of Smart Carts in service are now equipped with automatic wi-fi connection. This allows Buffalo State network access similar to being on a wired connection. Any carts which do not have wi-fi are equipped with network cables for wired connection.

Please contact us in advance for training or any other questions.

Frequently Asked Questions

Logging in to the Smart Cart PC

Using your Buffalo State username/password:
Smart Carts not equipped with wireless internet must be plugged into an active network port before logging in.
Smart Carts that do have wireless capability may be logged into using Buffalo State credentials at any time.

Using a laptop with a Smart Cart

Smart Carts are NOT intended to be disassembled or re-wired. Therefore, a laptop connection is not recommended. If you'd like to use your laptop with a projector, please contact Butler Library Equipment Loan to reserve a projector.

VHS Support on Smart Carts

Due to lack of working inventory, VHS playback is no longer supported on Smart Carts. For more information on the campus-wide VHS sunset which began in August 2018, please see this article.

DVD Playback on Smart Carts

Smart Cart PCs are equipped with optical drives which allow for DVD playback. They are unable to play BluRay discs. The program which handles disc playback is VLC.

What operating system do Smart Carts use?

As of June 2016, all Smart Carts loaned via Classroom Equipment Loan are equipped with Windows 10 PCs. Equipment Loan does not own or support Linux or Mac OS Smart Carts.

If the Smart Cart projector turns on but then immediately turns off.

This is usually indicative of a bad projector bulb. Please contact Classroom Equipment Loan (878-4535 or 878-6670). If an immediate replacement is available, it will be provided.


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