Cleaning up files in the Ensemble Media Library

In order reduce clutter and storage costs, it's a good idea to occasionally clean up your Ensemble Video Media Library by deleting unwanted or unneeded files.

Some possible files to delete

Deleting files

  • You may delete files individually with the "Delete" button located to the lower right of each video title


  • You may use the Bulk Delete option to delete several videos at once

Screen shot indicating Media Library "delete" and "bulk delete" options


Having trouble finding the right videos to delete/archive?

  • Try using the Media Cleanup system report Reporting feature of Ensemble Video. It allows you to review, filter and delete content items based on their size, views and date uploaded. Reports may take time to generate - please be patient.

Storage alternatives

Want to keep copies of some of your videos that aren't actively being used in Ensemble?

  • Each faculty and staff member has 1TB of storage in OneDrive - a great place to store some of your important videos in a work-related account.
  • Many other storage options exist: USB drives, external hard drives, personal cloud storage services - decide which is right for you and Download your file from Ensemble to archive to your device or drive.


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