Grading Ensemble Video Dropbox Assignments in Blackboard

Launch your Ensemble Video Dropbox Assignment from Blackboard

Go to the Blackboard course and click on the Video Dropbox Assignment (Graded Video Assignment, in this example) that you have created. See "Creating and Sharing a Video Dropbox (for Student Submission of Media Files) in Ensemble" for more details.

Screenshot highlighting "Graded Video Assignment" dropbox


In the top left area of the Ensemble Video Dropbox click on the Submissions button

Screenshot showing "Submissions" tab 

Instructors can now review the Video Dropbox Assignment Submissions in Ensemble Video by clicking on the Video Thumbnail.

Screenshot showing dropbox submissions in Ensemble


After viewing the video submission(s) the instructor can go to Results Center > Full Results Center in Blackboard.  Instructors will go to the Video Dropbox Assignment column (Graded Video Assignment) and select Enter Grades.

Screenshot showing ungraded Grade Center Column

After saving the Video Dropbox Assignment grade will be displayed in the Blackboard Results Center(Gradebook).  

Screenshot showing graded Grade Center Column


For more information, please see Ensemble Video's "Video Dropbox Assignments and the Blackboard Gradebook" page.


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