Adding Captions to Videos Stored in Ensemble

Ensemble account holders can manually add closed caption files to ther videos. The player supports Timed Text Markup Language (TTML/DFXP) and Web Video Text Track (WebVTT) caption files. The file must have an ".xml" or ".vtt" file extension.

To add captions to a video in your Ensemble Media Library:

  • Open the video from the Media Library using the Publish button, then click the Caption button at the top right of the wizard.

Caption Button in Ensemble Edit wizard

  • Click on Upload Caption File in the Closed Captions sub-form:

Caption tabs in Closed Captions sub-form

  • First, select the language of your captions, then just drag and drop your closed caption file from your desktop, or click Add File to browse for the file on your computer.
  • Click Start Upload. When the caption file is added, Ensemble will automatically check the file and report any errors.

Ensemble Video Upload caption screen

For information, please refer to Ensemble's Uploading Caption Files page.

To request captions for your videos, please use the Request Captioning (Ensemble Video) service.

To add your own captions or edit existing captions, please see Amara Caption Editor for Ensemble Video.


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