PDFs Not Displaying in Blackboard

An issue with the Google Chrome browser can result in only the first page of a PDF displayed. Since this is an issue with the Chrome browser and is not specific to Blackboard, switching to another browser (Mozilla Firefox, for example) is a workaround. You can also check to make sure Google Chrome is up to date.

To prevent this issue from occurring in Google Chrome, your browser's settings need to be changed.

Changing Google Chrome Settings

  1. With Google Chrome open, click on the three dot menu.
    google chrome menu
  2. Choose Settings.
    settings in chrome menu
  3. Type "PDF" in the search box.
    pdf in search box
  4. Select Site Settings.
    site settings
  5. Click on PDF Documents.
    pdf documents
  6. You’ll see an option titled Download PDF files instead of automatically opening them in ChromeToggle this on.
    toggle on
  7. You may now close the Settings page.
  8. Now when you open a PDF it will download to your default location on your computer (likely your Downloads folder). From there you can view with your preferred PDF viewer, such as Adobe Acrobat Reader.


The following video explains these steps in detail:


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