Blackboard Learn Basics Workshop Tip Sheet

This workshop is designed for instructors new to Blackboard Learn 9.1 or anyone who would like a refresher course. We will address the basics of navigation, course tools, and procedures necessary to create new course content. By the end of this workshop, participants will be able to navigate the LMS, upload files/items, create course content, add text, add multimedia, and organize content in meaningful ways. To register for this workshop and other Blackboard Learn sessions check out the Registration System


What Is Blackboard Learn?

Blackboard Learn is the official Learning Management System(LMS) at Buffalo State College. Learn is the only authorized LMS for credit-bearing course delivery to SUNY Buffalo State students, more information about Blackboard Learn as the official LMS can be view in the Administrative Policy Library for Campus Supported Learning Management System Policy.

Buffalo States version of Learn is the Original Course View. This is important to know as you review the many resources on the Blackboard Learn Help Website.


Accessing Blackboard

Blackboard Learn can be accessed at with your Buffalo State username and password. To learn more about accessing Blackboard, check out the Getting Started with Blackboard Article.


Once you are logged into Blackboard, you will see a section called My Courses. Within your course list, you will see all current and past courses that you have taught at Buffalo State. You can Customize Your Course List to only see the courses that you are currently teaching. By changing your list, that doesn't change the student's view of whether they see your course or not. Students also have the ability to customize their list of courses. 

Once you are within your course, the default Home page has many modules.​​​  Review this Overview of Course Modules on Course Home Page to understand each of these sections. Faculty can customize the Home Page and eliminate any modules that would not meet the needs of the course. With the many functionalities of Blackboard this Navigate Inside a Course website will be very useful.


Build Content

Blackboard allows you to add a variety of ways for you to share materials and resources to your students. Within the principles of Universal Design for Learning, the area promotes Multiple Means of Representation there is not one means of representation that will be optimal for all learners; providing options for representation is essential. There are also Best Practices for Building Content that Blackboard provides.

As you are preparing your courses, you can utilize the  Student Preview Mode to view the course as a student and one you are ready for the students to see the courses, remember to Making Course Available to Students.

Communication Tools

Blackboard has ways in which you can post announcements, send messages, and discussion forums more specific descriptions and resources that can be located in the Communication Tools article. 


Additional Resources

Blackboard Learn Knowledge Base Articles

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