Creating a Blackboard Collaborate Ultra Session for 250-500 attendees (Webinar Mode)

Blackboard Collaborate Ultra now allows session creators to create large sessions for 250-500 attendees, also known as Webinar Mode. When creating a large scale session, be sure to check the box next to "Allow 250+ attendees to join" in the Session Settings.

Large Scale session checkbox

Please note that not all features are available in a large scale session:

  • Webinar sessions can't be longer than 24 hours in length
  • Guests must be assigned the participant role
    • If you want a single participant to share audio or video, post chat messages, or draw on whiteboards and files, promote the participant to presenter during the session.
  • Participant permissions are turned off
    • Participants can't share audio, video, post chat messages, or draw on whiteboards and files.
    • Moderators can choose to turn chat on DURING a session. Moderator permissions don't change.
  • Breakout groups aren't available

For more information, please see Blackboard's Settings in webinar mode or Buffalo State's Collaborate training page.


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Wed 5/13/20 11:34 AM
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