How to Send/Manage Electronic Signatures using Adobe Sign (Staff/Faculty)

The Adobe Sign feature, which is built into Adobe Acrobat DC, allows you to request and track digital signatures on documents requiring process approval. Those requests can be sent to any email address, and can later be retrieved using the website via your campus email address and Network credentials. All documents must be in PDF format, but this can be a simple conversion from most formats.

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  1. If necessary, use the Export to Adobe PDF or Print to PDF feature to generate a PDF version of the document that needs to be signed.
  2. Open your document in Adobe Acrobat DC, and click on the Fill & Sign tools in the right-hand panel (you can also pull this up using the Tool searchbar). Please note that Acrobat Reader does not currently have this feature.
  3. Choose the right-hand option to have Others sign your document, by clicking Request Signatures.
  4. Fill in the Signers blank with the email addresses for all the people who need to send their electronic approval. The Subject and Message areas are for the emails that will be generated from this request, and you can add additional comments/context there for the recipient(s). You can also add additional documents to the request by clicking Add Files. These can include other formats (like Microsoft Word), which will then be merged into one larger PDF document.
  5. After adding the info for the previous step, click Specify Where to Sign in the lower-right to continue. This page will let you left-click on blanks in the document to signify that they need a signature. Many will be recognized automatically, and only need to be clicked once, but if you need to specify an unmarked or otherwise un-recognized area, you can left-click anywhere to place a prompt, then click-and-drag the bottom-right corner of the blank to resize it. You can choose either text entry or signature for the prompt in the floating panel that appears when a prompt is selected.
  6. Once you’ve marked all signature prompts, you can click the blue Send button in the bottom-right. This should bring you to a confirmation page. At this point, approval messages are sent to everyone included in your “Signers” list.

You’ll receive individual email confirmations that the request has been made, as well as when those signers approve the documents. You can also view the progress and history of your requests (including the original documents) by logging into with your campus email address and Network password. The Manage tab will show all existing requests by category.

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