Using Blackboard Collaborate - Avoid Unwanted Visitors

To avoid any unwanted users potentially joining your Blackboard Collaborate Ultra sessions, here are some suggestions:

  • When creating sessions for your course, consider Adding the Blackboard Collaborate Tool Link to your Blackboard Course and making it visible to your students whenever possible. This enables only the students enrolled in your course to log in to Blackboard and join a session.

  • When you do share a Guest Link for sessions you’ve created, avoid making the link public (on a website, for example) in order to limit access to only those for whom the session is intended. A web link in the content area of your course or a direct email would be best.

  • Create specific sessions with start and end dates when possible

  • For staff members with separate Blackboard Collaborate Ultra Supervisor accounts, be sure to set your password for access to your account based on our Tips for creating a secure password/passphrases.

When in a session, remember you can:

  • Use Session Settings to take away the ability for participants to share their video, audio, ability to post in the chat and draw on the whiteboard and files

  • Watch the Attendee list for uninvited participants

  • Mute all participants from the “More options” icon at the top of your Attendee list

  • Remove individual participants from the session using the Moderator controls icon to the right of individual names in the Attendee list

For more information, please utilize the resources listed on our Blackboard Collaborate training page.


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