Configure Remote Desktop on your home Chromebook

Note to faculty/staff: Before using Remote Desktop for the first time, you must open a ticket requesting access AND complete a short online training session.

Follow these steps on your home Chromebook to configure your Remote Desktop connection:

Getting the app

  1. From the Chrome OS desktop, click the App launcher icon in the bottom-left of the screen, and Search for the Play Store app. If it doesn't appear automatically, type "Play Store" into the Search function then click the result.

  2. From the Play Store, search for "Microsoft Remote Desktop," which should have an orange-and-white icon, and will be published by Microsoft Corporation. Click Install to add it to your device.
    Note: Clicking Install will also add the app to the list of "owned" apps for the account you're logged in with. This can make it easier to install on other devices in the future, if using the same account.

Entering the Gateway details

  1. Open Microsoft Remote Desktop app after installing, and click the + icon in the upper-right, then choose the Desktop option.
  2. Enter the Device Name for your campus computer for the "Host name or IP address."
  3. Click to expand the "Show additional options" chevron. Enter any description you like for the "Friendly name," and choose Add gateway for the "Gateway," and enter
  4. Options for sounds and saving files to the Chromebook can also be changed here, or you can simply click Save in the upper-right to complete setup.

Starting a Session

  1. After setting up your Gateway, the computer will appear as a square icon with the Device Name on the main page of Microsoft Remote Desktop. Click on this to start a session.
  2. The first time you open a session, it will warn you that the "Certificate can't be verified," and ask if you want to connect anyway. It's normal to get this message, so go ahead and click Connect.
  3. You'll be prompted to log in with your Network credentials. Enter bsclogon\username (using your username) for the user, and type in your Network password, then click Connect. You can choose to store your credentials using the checkbox.
  4. Once successfully connected, you'll be looking at the Windows desktop for your campus PC. You'll see an overlay at the top-center of the screen showing the Menu (three lines) and Keyboard icons in white, which can be used to switch between remote sessions, and toggle different input options.
Note: When you hover your cursor over the very top or bottom of your screen during the remote session, you'll bring up parts of your Chromebook's menu. This can be disorienting at first. Moving your cursor to the top will reveal the window options for the Microsoft Remote Desktop app (allowing you to minimize or close the session), and the bottom will show the main Chromebook Taskbar.


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