Buffalo State has adopted TurningPoint 8 as a campus standard Student Response System. TurningPoint 8 student response system, or “clickers”, allows instructors to create an active learning environment in the classroom through the use of polling questions.

- Respond with a Clicker - Students can use a handheld clicker to respond to questions posed in class.
- Respond with Mobile Devices - Enabling mobile responses allows you to use a mobile device,such as a laptop, phone, or tablet to respond to
questions posed in class.

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Pinned Article Student Turning Account

All students using TurningPoint are required to create a Turning Account, purchase a license, and connect their Turning Account with Blackboard in order to participate in classroom polling. Learn how to get ready to use TurningPoint in your class.

Downloading a Participant List from Blackboard to use in TurningPoint

Participant lists can be downloaded from your Blackboard courses. These lists contain your course roster with student TurningPoint device IDs, and are needed to track student responses during a TurningPoint polling session.

Enable Mobile Responses in TurningPoint

ResponseWare allows students to use their mobile devices to respond to TurningPoint questions using a Wi-Fi or data connection. Students can respond to interactive questions with any web-enabled device including smartphones, tablets, laptops or desktops. ResponseWare allows students to respond via the Internet through any web browser or the ResponseWare mobile app and immediately transfers selections to TurningPoint polling software.

Export TurningPoint Grades to the Blackboard Grade Center

After polling students, the polling results, or session data, can be exported to the Blackboard grade center.

Instructor Turning Account

A Turning Account is required for all instructors and students using TurningPoint.

Merge TurningPoint Sessions

Multiple session files can be merged into a single session file. Sessions may be merged by questions or participants.

Set Attendance Points in TurningPoint

Instructors are able to have TurningPoint automatically calculate attendance points for each polling session.

TurningPoint Session Reports

Reports of each polling session can be generated in TurningPoint. Instructors are able to export reports as a CSV, Excel, or HTML file.

Update a Participant List in TurningPoint

After you have downloaded a participant list, you can update the list as your course enrollments change. TurningPoint participant lists can be updated with the latest participant information from Blackboard.