Options for paper submissions & Feedback: Assignments/dropbox, Qwickly Jot Assignment, Inline grading, etc...

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Blackboard Assignment - Inline Annotation Grading in New Box View

Blackboard allows instructors to provide inline annotations on submitted assignments. Comments and feedback can be left directly on the assignment. This article summarizes the transition from Blackboard's Crocodoc inline annotation assignment grading tool to the New Box View. It explains how to use the point and highlight commenting feature in the New Box View.

Blackboard Assignments

The Assignment tool in Blackboard allows students to submit files to their instructor to be graded. When an instructor creates a Blackboard assignment, a column for the assignment is automatically created in the Grade Center.

Blackboard Qwickly Jot Assignment

The Qwickly Jot Assignment can be used in Blackboard to create assignments with diagrams, charts, maps, and more for students to write on directly. Provide students with an array of interactive assignments covering various subject matter: block out scenes in a play on a blank stage, diagram the chemical bonds of a water molecule, and label the parts of an eye. With Qwickly Jot, the possibilities are nearly endless.