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Calculate Final Grades in Blackboard

The Weighted Total column in Blackboard can be used to calculate final grades for each student in the course.

Downloading Blackboard Course Roster or Grade Center

This procedure allows instructors to download a copy of their Blackboard course roster or gradebook.

Enabling the Scrollbar in the Blackboard Grade Center on a Mac

Mac users attempting to access the Blackboard Grade Center may find that the horizontal scrollbar in the grade center is not visible. The steps in this article will describe how to make the horizontal scrollbar visible.

Getting Started with the Blackboard Grade Center

This recorded webinar will walk you through the grade center in Blackboard Learn, including creating columns, organizing the grade center, and setting up the weighted total column.

Reorder Blackboard Grade Center Columns

Instructors can control the order in which columns appear in the Blackboard Grade Center. For example, you might choose to order columns chronologically or group all of the assignment columns together.

Setting the External Grade Column in Blackboard Learn

The external grade column are shared with your institution as your students' grades for your course. You decide which column is set as the external grade. In new courses, the default total column is the default external grade column, and the External Grade icon appears in the column header.

Using Smart Views to Organize the Grade Center

Smart Views can be used organize the Grade Center, including viewing students within specific course sections after merging multiple sections of a course.