Tests and surveys are used to measure student knowledge, gauge progress, and gather information from students. You can create tests and surveys and then deploy them in a course area.

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Allow Students Additional Attempts in Blackboard

This procedure gives an additional attempt in Blackboard in cases where a student has submitted the maximum number of attempts for an assignment or test in Blackboard.

Blackboard Test Results and Feedback to Students

Instructors can determine which test results and feedback options are available to students after they complete a test. By default, only the score earned for each question is displayed after a submission. There's the option to allow additional information to be displayed about the answers and an option to select when the test results and feedback are released to students.

Copying a Blackboard Test From One Course to Another

Instructors can export and import tests to copy it from one course to another.

Test Availability Exceptions in Blackboard

For existing Blackboard test availability settings, you can make exceptions for individual students or groups to modify settings to provide accommodations such as Number of Attempts, Timer, Availability Dates.

Test Options in Blackboard

Blackboard test settings that force students to complete a test once they have launched it and a method to set timer to limit the duration of the test.

View Student's Blackboard Test Attempt - Access Log

Instructors can view a test attempt's Access Log for a list of various student interactions with the test. The log can help to confirm whether a student began a test or ran into problems during a test.